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Vaidermelon Glide (150gm)

Vaidermelon Glide (150gm)

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Vaiderz and Aftercare Collective have teamed up to create this amazing vegan product with a special watermelon and lemonade scent.

A great bang for your buck, this product doubles as both Tattoo Aftercare and Glide! Keep your ink vibrant and your skin moisturised. Don't miss out on this absolute must-have product!

Persea gratissima, Butyrospermum parchi, Cocos nucifera, Rice bran wax, fragrance, Melaeuca alterniflora, Lavendula angustifolia*, Boswellia, Perlargonium, Mentha piperita* Calendula*
  • Suitable for parched and inflamed skin, irritations, and friction-induced discomfort.
  • No Animal testing 
  • 100% Vegan
  • Stencils will remain in place. 
  • Unlike other glides there will be no accumulation of petroleum or blockage in the tubes.
  • The skin remains fresh & workable, allowing for effortless blending
  • Contains natural soothing agents. 
  •  Glide makes the needle easier to apply the ink to skin effortlessly.


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